About Us

MotoMart at Carnegie is a division of Shipman Enterprises, a California Corporation. The owners of Shipman Enterprises, give credit to their existence and success to Skip Horne of Skip’s Promotions. For over two decades, Skip provided quality service at Carnegie SVRA. In 2006, upon Skip’s desire to retire, he worked directly with the State of California creating a seamless transition to new concession operators. In 2009, the State of California opened the concession up for public bid. Shipman Enterprises successfully won the bid with a contractual operations agreement through 2018. Under this agreement, the State of California Parks and Recreation will be constructing a new concession building within the next three years. The new concession facility will add tremendous value and opportunity for park visitors. For additional information about Carnegie SVRA visit their Parks Information website.


Mission/Vision Statement:

The mission of MotoMart at Carnegie is to provide Carnegie State Vehicle Recreation Area visitors (riders and non-riders) with a positive experience through high quality Off-Highway Vehicle services and products.

The vision of MotoMart at Carnegie management and staff is to serve as examples to the Carnegie State Vehicle Recreation Area visitors as stewards of sustainability (economy, environment, and society).



American Motorcycle Association
Blue Ribbon Coalition
Off Road Business Association
California Parks Hospitality Association
Tread Lightly
District 36



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